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High Potential

Our individual coaching programs are created with a partnership mindset. We work with each client strategically to achieve set goals throughout the length of the program. The coach and client meet weekly and each engagement begins with a full Hogan Assessment and debrief in addition to 360 interviews.



Team Integration

Team Performance

Team Assessments

Group Coaching/Pods

Live Trainings

Conflict Resolution

The team coaching programs are aimed to maximize communication and productivity. Whether it is a new team or an existing team that needs to level up its performance, team assessments are used to uncover data that spells out the team culture, strengths and development areas. This data accelerates the ability to leverage the strengths of each individual team member.

For co-founders or co-heads, this approach is used to strategically align partners on their company vision and implementation of that vision. The process builds deeper and more connected relationships based on trust.

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